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Street Games – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2016

Sam Dyer webSam Dyer, Assistant Gym Instructor at Hamoaze House, who has been nationally selected by StreetGames (a national sports charity) to travel to Rio for three weeks during the Olympic Games and teach children in the Favelas of Brazil English and a variety of sports.

Sam, 24, is only one of thirteen young people nationally to be selected and was nominated by Plymouth City Council Sports Unit for his involvement in running StreetGames activities at Hamoaze House, Plymouth.

Sam will be visiting the deprived areas in Rio and helping young people who are exposed to drugs, crime and violence.  The aim of the project is to give them something positive in their lives, like this amazing sporting event which will be held in the heart of their city. It will be such an experience for Sam to see the difference in culture and for Sam to share experiences with people in a different part of the world.

Hopefully you can help bring the Olympic legacy to those from poorer communities.  Sam is extremely passionate about working with these groups of people but has to raise £2000 in order to just get on the plane.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss any of the enclosed, we our doing everything that we can as a proud employer to help support him in this endeavour.

Help Sam raise £2000

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