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Youth Support

We believe that the best diversionary activity for young people who have challenging behaviours is school attendance. We also believe that, to meet the needs of this group of young people, school should be engaging, fun and progressive – both academically and socially.

We are here to support your school and any of your students (and their families) who are finding school attendance difficult for any reason.

We have a proven track record of engaging positively with young people who are not currently flourishing in a mainstream school environment. By working directly with young people aged 11 -16 from a ‘Youth Work’ perspective, we help them to develop their own abilities and to build the resilience required to make more positive and sustainable life choices.

We run throughout the academic year. We work in partnership with Alternative Complimentary Education (ACE) offering a tailored school curriculum, positive activities, informal learning workshops and both centre-based and detached youth work sessions. We offer an approach that gives the young people who engage with us the space to grow and learn together, both as individuals as well as in groups.


Our mission

Our mission

The charity operates day to day support facilities for all persons affected by substance misuse.

Parents and carers

We fully understand how difficult it can be at times to manage when things get tough for young people, communication gets strained or things get difficult at school. Feeling isolated, frustrated or not listened to, or even blamed for the difficulties your young person is having is a common experience. We will talk to you anytime and find ways we can work together to bring about change to benefit your whole family.

How are you feeling?

How are you feeling?

Don't want to talk?....We don't have to talk... How are you feeling?

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