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Affected Others

A brief history of Hamoaze House

It is often incredibly lonely and isolating when someone that you love is dependant on drugs or alcohol. At Hamoaze House we run a weekly group to support those individuals or families whose lives are affected by substance use. We offer a safe and confidential environment with the opportunity to talk, listen and meet others with similar issues and through both focussed and mutual support help to identify finding your own solutions.

Alternatively and where appropriate you may initially feel more secure with a one to one meeting with one of the team and we are always happy to accommodate this.

Affected others

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“We were told about Hamoaze House Affected Others Group by a friend a few years ago. About a year later we made contact with John who runs the group and then it took another few months to “pluck up the courage” to come and meet other people in similar situations to ours.

It’s a lifeline. Out of the Tuesday evening meetings we’ve gained so much both from the guys who run it and the other group members. Having someone that you love who has an addiction is very isolating but at the group meetings we are able to talk without being judged, listen to others with similar problems and get advice in a safe and confidential environment.

We are gaining more understanding and hopefully we can make more informed decisions. It’s fantastic having the support and knowing that we’re not alone”

Our Mission

Our Mission

To be the most excellent support service for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Plymouth.

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