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Hamoaze House - Take drugs out of your life
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Our Mission

Our Mission
To be the most excellent support service for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Plymouth.

Our Services

Our Services
Hamoaze House provides a "whole family" approach to support and rehabilitation. The process begins with... Read more ›

Welcome to Hamoaze House

If you are struggling with problematic alcohol or drug use and want help to change your life, to leave the chaos behind, we can help you. This is your opportunity for change. We can offer a safe, calm place to help you to rebuild your life with new skills and coping mechanisms. We offer support, counselling and security for you and your family.
The pessimist complains about the wind The optimist hopes the wind will change The realist adjusts their sails
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This is not just a phone number, but an opportunity to change. Call: 01752 566 100
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